Daily Log – 22nd August 2019

Relatively relaxing day, got my layout done and my JavaScript for the account page done, tested it out with a bunch of browsers on BrowserStack and no unexpected surprises. Then did a whole bunch of refactoring and tested one again.

Decided to take a break from the magazine work, was just feeling too tired.

Daily Log – 21st August 2019

Ohhhh Opera Mini how I loath you, after spending the whole day tweaking CSS and JS to work on you, you decide to throw me another curve ball… This is getting very frustrating. I would have finished the account page yesterday but just as I got ready to push the code I decided to do a final test on my colleague’s phone only to see the layout break while displaying SVGs.

Worked on the corporate website a little. Generally just frustrated today.

Daily Log – 20th August 2019

Configured webpack for the website, I don’t know why it wasn’t the first thing that I did. I should be done with the account page tomorrow.

Continued proof reading the magazine in the evening and found loads of errors, especially in the Punjabi version of the articles.

Daily Log – 19th August 2019

Had a really hard time with Opera Mini, it doesn’t support CSS Grid and it’s implementation for flex box is kinda weird as well.

Did some more magazine designing at night.

Daily Log – 18th August 2019

It was my mother and father-in-laws anniversary. We had a short Kirtan session at home, followed by cake and chai.

Opened up InDesign after years to do some editing of the Sikh Sansaar magazine, I had completely forgotten half of my keyboard shortcuts. Also forgot how relaxing it is to design a magazine layout, specially since everything can be done visually without any coding.

Almost not looking forward to the week forward.

Daily Log – 16th August 2019

Spent the day on a really dumb bug, turns out all I was missing was the letter ‘t’ from my function call. Worked on the my account page a little bit, and looks like I’ll just be doing a WordPress template and a bunch of template parts.

Almost done with the landing page project from freeCodeCamp. Should be submitting it for peer review tomorrow.