Daily Log – 15th August 2019

I spent about 2 weeks working on a story that I finished on 14th August and during my code review the functionality refused to work, spent most of the rest of the day bug hunting. Weird thing is sometimes the code works as expected and sometimes it refuses to work.

Daily Log – 14th August 2019

Started working on the account page layout, this time round am trying to do most of the fetching server side instead of using Ajax mostly to support Opera Mini.

Worked on the landing page project from freeCodeCamp as well, got a little carried away with the animations and transitions, I really need to scale those back.

Overall, I think a semi productive day.

Daily Log – 13th August 2019

We had travelled to Kisumu and Eldoret for my cousins wedding, got back on Monday so did absolutely no coding till today.

Worked on moving the authentication of the website to the server side instead of using ajax as I originally was to include users using opera mini.

Worked on the landing page project for freeCodeCamp, I think I am taking way too long to finish this one, I am just changing random things off the layout everytime.

Daily Log – 7th August 2019

Implemented a whole bunch of ajax type functions using the fetch API, I am a little concerned that is not got 100% adoption by all the browsers but, that shouldn’t affect most of our users.

Daily Log – 6th August 2019

I am having such a hard time finishing up the authentication task for WordPress. I am going to not shoot for perfection and just get it done today, and come and refactoring it later.

Daily Log – 5th August 2019

Got the bad news from Facebook, they rejected my boot again! I am gonna deal with it in the next sprint this sprint I feel overloaded with work.

Sat on the 3rd floor at the Baba Dogo and man, was it hot up there. Had a really hard time concentrating.